March Sandwich Madness: Flaming Hot Takes Quest for Sub Glory

Sub. Hoagie. Grinder. Hero. Po’ Boy. No matter what you call it, there’s something amazingly delicious about assorted meats, cheeses, and veggies stuffed between two slices of bread. But who makes the best sandwich? If you matched up national and regional chains from around the country, which sandwich would reign supreme? We here at […]

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Baracketology Hot Takes

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama unveiled his 2015 NCAA Tournament Bracket on ESPN’s SportsCenter. “Baracketology” has become an annual thing since the President assumed office in 2009. So who did the President pick as this year’s winner of the NCAA Tournament? All the President's picks: Check out his NCAA Tournament Bracket → #Baracketology […]

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How the NCAA Screws the Little Guys

When the NCAA Tournament officially tips off Tuesday night in Dayton, 4 teams that won their conference tournaments will be forced to play for 2 available spots in the “main” tournament bracket. Since 2001, after the NCAA Tournament expanded from 64 teams to 65 teams, not every conference tournament champion is guaranteed a spot in […]

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